RAF Wildenrath

228 OCU


Stn Crest Stn Patch Last Armourers Patch Wilders Wine ASF 1988 Minor Team 1982 ASF 1991 MCS Rig Wildenrath Wing                                            
Stn Crest
Stn Patch 
The Last Armourers at Wildenrath 
The label off of a bottle of Wildenrath Wine! 
Wildenrath ASF team around 1988. 
The Minor Team at Wildenrath around 1982-84. Any names greatfully received... 
Wildenrath ASF in 1991 with the last Phantom to depart the shed. Again names greatfully received.
This is a photo of the Mobile MCS Rig “ Exodus” taken around Aug 1986 at Wildenrath.
The Wildenrath wing taken in 1991. 
        Supplied by
Danny Snook
Supplied by
Steve King
Supplied by
Gary Binnie
Supplied by
Jim Haywood