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Here you will find all the ex-Royal Air Force Phantom engineers that have contacted the site. Membership is fairly loose, the only requirement is having worked on the aircraft or supported a Phantom Sqn in its operational capacity (other than flying it - sorry aircrew but you do have lots of other associations you can go and meet up at!). All applications are checked for authenticity and subsequently added to the Register. If you wish to join our happy band, click on the link below and fill in the form giving as much information as possible. To find your old mates, click on the links and trawl through the list - that way you might find people you had never even thought of since those good old days on the Phantom!


Mug Shot

First Name
Start Date
End Date
E-Mail (with permission)
  McTaggart Peter APO 1976 1978 92 Sqn
RAF Wildenwrath
Northumberland E-Mail
  Mileham Tony L Tech FS 1977 1988

Wattisham 1977 - 79 Wildenrath 1979 - 82
56 Sqn Wattisham
1986 - 88

 Nottingham E-Mail
  Nairn Bob Armourer Dec 1983 Aug 1986

43F Sqn, then Leuchars MSF Nov 86-May 92.

Also own cockpit ZE350
South Australia  
  Cushion Kev A Mech E Aug 1970 Feb 1973

14 Sqn
RAF Bruggen

North Walsham, Norfolk E-Mail
  Johnson Mark A Tech A Feb 1985 Feb 1987 4 Squadron St Athan
South Wales
  Allen Robert (Bob) Airframe Jun 1964 Dec 1980

31 Squadron Bruggen
ASF Coningsby

Boston E-Mail
  Lawrence Adrian (Aidy) L Tech ST Mar 1977 Jan 1993

Coningsby 77-79 F4M
Bruggen 79-82. F4M
Leuchars 82-84. F4K
Wattisham 84- 93 F4M now at Newark Air Museum

Ipswich E-Mail
  Rawlinson David L Tech AR July 1984 Jan 1989 74sqn
Melbourne Australia E-Mail
  Ayre Mike A Tech P Jun 1970 Apr 1976 6 Sqn Weston Super Mare  
  Cooper Ian A Eng Tech A/P Oct 1985 Dec 1989 19(F) Sqn Wildenrath Aberdeenshire E-Mail
  Webster G. Neil Air Radio tech (MCS) Sep 1968 Nov 1980

228 OCU
6 Sqn
17 Sqn
14 Sqn
19 Sqn
92 Sqn
29 Sqn

Linclonshire E-Mail
  Warner Derick L Fitt AR (MCS) Jan 1970 Jan 1976

MCS Bay RAF Coningsby
MCS Bay RAF Bruggen

Stevenage E-Mail
  Hortop David Airframes 1971 1977

MEAS Coningsby
23 Sqn Coningsby
23 Sqn Wattisham

South Yorkshire
  Wenman Graham A Mech W
A Tech W
May 1978 Dec 1982

23 Sqn & 56 Sqn Wattisham 78-82
then MSF Wattisham

  Mossom Paul A Eng Tech A/P Oct 1981 Oct 1984 Wattisham
Airframe Bays AESF
Stamford E-Mail
  Jarvis Ralph MCS Sep1984 Apr 1991 56 Sqn, PhMS Lincoln  
  Kendal John Propulsion May 1977 Apr 1980

Coningsby. ASF 77/79. 29Sqn 79/80
Currently a volunteer on the relocation of Black Mike at Leuchars.

  Forrest Drew (Rocky) Sooty Aug 1979 Apr 1986

ASF, Leuchars
Engine Bay, Leuchars
APC 43 Sqn 1983 Cyprus.
23 Sqn (FIAD) 86. Stanley

Kingdom of Fife  
  Peck Mick Armourer 1973 1984 14 Squadron,
228 OCU,
Phantom Servicing School
Worksop E-Mail
  Speake Frank Inst/Fitt/Air /Elec Nov 1968 Mar 1972

Coningsby Gin Palace
Support of 228 OCU and base Squadrons

Horncastle E-Mail
  Rogers Ian (Buck) Sqn Ops Dec 1980 Dec 1983 92 Sqn Northampton  
  Kane Colin A Fitt E Mar 1971 Mar 1974 14 Sqn Bruggen France  
  Richardson Andy Sumpy Jan 1981 May 1985 29(F) Sqn Woking E-Mail
  Quanbrough John A Mech A 1983 Nov 1989

ASF RAF Coningsby.
23 Sqn Stanley.
19 Sqn Wildenrath

Berkshire E-Mail
  Newton Darren Rigger Oct 1990 When they squashed them 228 OCU at Leuchars Lincolnshire E-Mail
  Ashenhurst  (pre 1981) Gilbert
(post 1981)
Penelope (Penny) A Tech P Aug 1978 May 1985

VASF RAF Leuchars 1977-78
ASF RAF Leuchars
Eng Bay RAF Leuchars 1981-85
9 Sqdn RAF St Athan 1985-89

Tonypandy E-Mail
  Glenford Al Airframes 1970 1991

ASF Coningsby
14 Sqn
29 Sqn
19 Sqn
74 Sqn

Lincoln E-Mail
  Hepworth David Airframe Technician May 1978 Oct 1982

228 OCU Line & Rects.
Did Falklands Tour in 1985 (Apr - Sept)

Home in Woodhall Spa but working in Dhahran Saudi Arabia E-Mail
  Woods Kev A Mech A Jan 1984 Jul 1989

19(F) Sqn
RAF Wildenrath

RAF Wyton  
  Marshall Doug L Tech AC 1979 1982

6 Sqdn for about 3 months 1973
29 Sqdn 79 to 82

Lincolnshire E-Mail
  Page John L Tech AC Mar 1977 1983 228 OCU Leicestershire E-Mail
  Roberts Bryan A Tech E Nov 1980 Nov 1991 Wildenrath ASF, 92 Sqn, Leuchars ASF, 111Sqn, 43Sqn and 228 OCU. Cambridge E-Mail
  Parvin John AC Fitt Jun 1979 Jan 1982 228ocu Coningsby. Lincoln E-Mail
  Speed Tom Plumber May 1970 May 1973

14 Sqn RAF Bruggen
43 SQN RAF Leuchars
56 SQN RAF Wattisham

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia E-Mail
  Grimwood Dave Armourer Mar 1981 Aug 1989

23 Sqn - Wattisham
56 Sqn - Wattisham
23 Sqn - Stanley
(Aug-Nov 84)
AEF - Leuchars (87-89)

Kingdom of Fife E-Mail
  Pearson Andy L Tech FS Dec 1980 Sep 1983

FS Bay Coningsby
Phantom School
1435 Flt (1991)

N. Lincs E-Mail
  Mowat Jim Flt Systems Jul 1986 Dec 1992 111 Sqn Wiltshire E-Mail



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