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Here you will find all the ex-Royal Air Force Phantom engineers that have contacted the site. Membership is fairly loose, the only requirement is having worked on the aircraft or supported a Phantom Sqn in its operational capacity (other than flying it - sorry aircrew but you do have lots of other associations you can go and meet up at!). All applications are checked for authenticity and subsequently added to the Register. If you wish to join our happy band, click on the link below and fill in the form giving as much information as possible. To find your old mates, click on the links and trawl through the list - that way you might find people you had never even thought of since those good old days on the Phantom!


Mug Shot

First Name
Start Date
End Date
E-Mail (with permission)
  Smith Mike (Smudger) L Tech A Oct 1973 Jun 1977 228 OCU & 41(F) Sqn Cambridgeshire E-Mail
  Leek Spike A Tech P Sep 1982 Sep 1985

19 Sqn Wildenrath
23 Sqn Stanley

Cardiff E-Mail
  Reynolds Dean FLM /
A Tech P
Jun 1976  

64 Sqdn 228 OCU Coningsby
92 Sqdn Wildenrath
23 Sqdn Wattisham

Essex E-Mail
  Lelliot Mick

Eng tech Av (L fitt AC)

Nov 1977 Aug 1981

CNI Bay RAF Coningsby
ASF RAF Coningsby
Bay support to 29 Sqn on APC
BY support to 228 OCU.

  Whight Michael L Tech FS / Eng Off 1968/69 1990 RAF Leuchars 43 Sqn.
RAF Wattisham 56 Sqn, RAF Wattishan PAEDIT
Stowmarket,   Suffolk E-Mail
  Johnson Clive FLM /
L Tech AR
NOv 1978 Jan 1990

228 OCU 1979
92 Wildenrath 79 to 82
Wattisham 84 to 90

Shropshire E-Mail
  Curtis Ian Sooty Apr 1974 Apr 1979 228 OCU Coningsby South Wales E-Mail
  Hoad Andy A Eng Tech A/P Oct 1981 Oct 1984 RAF Wattisham - ASF & Engine Bay Oxfordshire E-Mail
  Davies Mal A Eng Tech A/P Oct 1980 Oct 1983 23 Sqn Wattisham and Stanley North Devon  
  Clark John (Nobby) Sooty Jun 1975 Jul 1993

41 Coningsby
29 Coningsby
19 Wildenrath
23 Falklands
74 Wattisham

Suffolk E-Mail
  Wenman Graham Armourer May 1978 Dec 1982

23(F) Sqn
56(F) Sqn
MSF Wattisham 85 to 92

Lincolnshire E-Mail
  Davies Alun (Taff) Sooty 19(F) Setup 1976 Feb 1985

Started at first set up at 19F Wildenrath 76 with "Welly Boot" chasing everyone about and the infamous Terry (Sengo) worked as a sooty liney till repat 77.
Majors at Saints as a civvy from 13 April 78 til Feb 85

S Wales
  Carter Steve Comms Mid 1988 Apr 1990 228 OCU Leuchars Hampshire  



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