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I thought I would bung some links on to other websites that have Phantom and RAF connections for some of the Phantomeers that have lost touch with the old girl. Lots of photos and some stories and sites that foster ex-RAF types like most of us.

19(F) Sqn Crest

19(F) Sqn All Ranks Assoc


43 Sqn Assoc

43(F) Sqn (Fighting Cocks) Assoc


The TOTALLY Unofficial RAF Rumour Network

Royal AIr Force

Royal Air Force History (Phantom Gallery Pages)


5057 Phantoms

Here is a link to a site sent in by John Lovegrove. It looks slightly old but still has lots of stuff on it. The confliction in names is because it SHOULD have been called 5057 after the number of Phantoms produced!!

F4 Phantom II Society

F4 Phantom II Society

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