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The RAFA Cranwell Wrinkly Ride

Steve Hanson

I am asking for help to try and raise funds for the RAFA Wings Appeal 2020 as fund raising is more than 40% down on this time last year. Like all charities Covid-19 has hit us really hard, at the Cranwell Branch we have had to cancel  our annual charity concert, all our in store collections, all our stalls at shows and fetes and our annual Wings Day Street Collection. This along with the hit to our collecting tins as hardly anybody uses cash anymore paints the picture of our loss of income.

All branches are either trying to come up with new ways of fund raising, or waiting for life to go back to normal, as was pre Covid-19. I have come up with my Wrinkly Ride, this is a veteran, me, on a vintage motorcycle, 42 year old Honda CB 400F Super Sport, visiting 80 current/former RAF and RFC stations, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, by 15 September 2020. I am being supported by RAFA HQ, RAFA Cranwell, RAF Cranwell RAFALOs and of course my wife, Diana.

If you could please help by donating by clicking on this link If you cannot donate, please share this by email and social media with all your family, friends and associates. Thanks for your support.

Steven Hanson
RAFA Cranwell
Wings Appeal Officer

More Phantom Memories

Imps and Aces

Bren Murphy's new book "Imps and Aces - Tales of a Phantom Phixer", is now published on Amazon Kindle.

It's the twelve year autobiography of his time in the RAF on Tooms in the 70's and 80's, from join up to demob.

As his time was mainly on 29, 19 and 23, plus the MCS bays, many of you may remember him and the events (mostly humorous, some tragic) he relates.

So, take a stroll down memory lane, get a bit of nostalgia, and he really does need to buy an Aston Martin!!!

A New Book from Ian Black!

A new edition from Firestreak Publishing, featuring our beloved Phantom is:

F4UK 1968-1992

The book is chock full of superb images from various photographers all the way from the prototype, through every Squadron, up until it's demise in 1992. Ian Black, himself, was a Nav on 19(F) Sqn in Germany before completing pilot training and flying Lightning, Tornado F3 and Mirage 2000 on an exchange tour in France.

He is pleased to offer members of the Phantomeers FREE P&P if you order on-line using the link below - just mention where you saw the link!

More gen can be found here.

This is for information only - it is not available through this website!

Phantom's In The News!!

ZE360 at Manston

Kev Cleary has sent in a link to "Warbirds Digest" that has an article penned by Simon Jakubowski on preserving Phantoms. You can find it here:

XV582 "Black Mike"

...... and another article about XV582 "Black Mike" getting moved to RAF Cosford:


43(F) Phantom Art

Matthew Emeny is an artist from Suffolk UK and has been commissioned to paint a 43 Squadron PHANTOM F4 intercepting a Tupolev. (Click on image for larger version).

43 Phantom Emeny Art

The painting is now complete. He thought it would be quite fitting to approach the Phantomeers and give all those with a connection to the Phantom and also 43 squadron the opportunity to reserve a low numbered print. Once the painting is complete; there will be a limited edition run of 250 signed and numbered prints, priced at £35 + postage. Size is expected to be A3+ including borders. (each print will come with a certificate of authenticity)

There is a reserve list currently in place which he would like to give our members the opportunity to add their names first before it goes out to the wider public.

Should anyone like to add their name to the list, simply contact him directly by sending him an email to:

Please make sure that you mention you are a member of the Phantomeers association in your email.

You can view more of his work, which includes other aviation paintings, by visiting his website at:

If you have any questions at all, then please do not hesitate to contact Matthew personally.