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RAF @ 100 Phantomeers Beer Call

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2018 is a rather special year for the Royal Air Force.  The Centenary will be celebrated countrywide (Google RAF100 to get a flavour of the celebrations).  RAF 100 is about celebrating along with current serving personnel, veterans (like us!) and even Air Cadets.

As you know, it was decided to not have our old style of reunion but go for a "Beer Call". So this is the gen....

Friday 7th Sep 2018

Meet and Greet at The Scarborough Hotel,
Bishopgate Street, Leeds. LS1 5DY

Nothing special, just a nice pub where we can find ourselves and get the weekend off to a banging start! Meet up from 5.00pm until bar shut at 1.00am

Saturday 8th Sep 2018

Beer Call at The Griffin,
31 Boar Lane, Leeds. LS1 5DF

More of the same really! Serves food until 10.00pm if you feel like a nibble. Meet up from whatever time people decide on the Friday night but be there for 5.00pm if you are only coming for the one night.

So I can put a sort of list up of who's going, please complete the form below so I can keep everyone informed:





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