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One of the greatest things about having this little "club" is the ability to contact all interested parties for that great military spectacle - the Reunion! A night or a weekend where people who haven't seen each other for donkey's years start talking as if they only finished shift last Friday! (and drink as if it was only last Friday as well !!).

On this page we will endeavour to publish reports and photos from all the various reunions that get passed to us. If you intend to organise a "doo", please let us know so that we can advertise it on the "Notices" page, and then send a report & photos in afterwards for publishing here.

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Mini-Reunion - Warwick Sept 2011

Just like to show you a picture of a mini reunion we had in Warwick in September 2011.  Al Tennant and Phil Spence didn’t have to travel to far.  Myself (Brian McRitchie) from Edinburgh but Kes Kesby was all the way from New Zealand.   We hadn’t seen Kes for over 14 years plus.  But as you say in your Reunion page of the Phantomeer site, it was just like last Friday night.   It was good to catch up.  Kes did say he would make the next Reunion of the Phantomeers when ever this may be.

Warwick mini

On another note.

Pick TV was the channel, about customs at airports and ports.  They had some the coastguard patrolling the channel, catching smugglers and the like.  Well, you could imagine my surprise when up pops "Tin Man" ex 92 on this coastguard boat doing his bit for Queen and Country, I was gobsmacked.  Did you know that we have been drinking with a TV Star and we didn’t even get his autograph!

Reunion 2011

It was sooooo good - no-one has been able to send any pictures in! Alcohol was in abundance and everything else just worked. A wonderful night with many thanks to Roger & Sue Canfield who made it all happen.
If anyone does have any good piccies, do send them in & I'll put them up!

111 Sqn Linies at Whitby Nov 2008

111Sqn Linies Reunion The Reunion Zap!

Here's a quick resume of the Whitby doo - sent in by Dick Brew.

The idea of a Trembler's Liney's Reunion, like most things, started by accident. A few old mates had been turning up at our guest house in Whitby (mostly uninvited!) and one beer led to another as they say. The idea was spawned to have a bit of a get together / reunion, here in Whitby, at the end of the holiday season (November). Initially, it was going to be just for the old Liney's (mainly the FLM's and Line Chasers), but strangely enough, with the mention of beer, Plumbers kept appearing out of the woodwork, so it was thrown open to all ex Tremblers ground crew.

The Phantomeers, Friends Reunited, Forces Reunited and Face Book websites proved to be the best way of tracking folk down, and of course the infallible grapevine and rumour control. A few hundred e-mails latter and we had a Do organised.

It followed the time honoured format: pick a spot that is fairly central to everyone, with plenty of pubs, plenty of places to eat and plenty to see and do (and shop) - Whitby fitted the bill. It was never going to be a grand formal event (not with Liney's and Plumbers!!), so the theme was ship wrecked (or in Chicken George and Stu Mitchell's case - just wrecked).

Nothing had been arranged for the Friday, as work and travel were always going to be wild cards, so it was decided that those who turned up in time could meet in the local pub and move on as they saw fit. It ended up with about 35 old mates taking over the lounge bar and making a full night of it (much to the landlords delight!). As can be imagined there was much 'Do you remember when .......' and 'You haven't (or have) changed much ....' Do you know where such and such is', etc.

Saturday day time was free time to explore and sightsee, and the evening Do was arranged in the function room of a town centre bar, aptly named The Shambles. It turned out to be an extension of the previous evening, with much catching up, swinging of sandbags and swapping of tall tales and embarrassing photographs. A nice buffet was laid on (at £10.00 per head) to try and absorb excess alcohol consumption.

All told, about 40 folk turned up, including wives, girl friends and concubines. The furthest travelled was Brian & Solveig Sigley from Norway, quite a few only travelling from the RAF Leeming area. It really was great to see old mates again, and I would highly recommend others to organise these micro-reunions. Hopefully, the Phantomeers site will continue to attract new members, and who knows what the 2010 Reunion will be like.......

Other photos from the weekend can be found here:

The 2nd Great Phantomeers Reunion - Lytham St Annes March 2008

Spook The Glendower Hotel Spook

Well, the Great 2nd Phantomeers Reunion has happened at the Glendower in Lytham St Annes and many a Phantomeer was nursing a well earned hangover the next day.

Many, many thanks to Kipper & Rosalie Watt for organising such a successful event that was enjoyed by all. The meal was superb, the beer & wine flowed and the stories of the old days were still being re-told well into the early hours of the morning!!

Thoughts have already been given to making it a bi-annual event so start thinking towards the 3rd Reunion in 2010!

The proceeds of the evening raffle, a sum of £274 has been donated to The Wings Appeal of the local RAFA at South Fylde. here is the erstwhile Kipper Watt doing the right thing for a change!!

RAFA Cheque Presentation

If any of you good people have photos of the weekend you would like to share, and anecdotes you would like to tell, send them in here and I'll bung them on for all to enjoy!!


Photo Click here to see the "Official Photos" from the doo!! Photo

At the bar!

Our first from the Reunion....L to R Bob Gaff/Jim Kerr/Colin Sighe/Mark Surtees/Ken Lighten - in front of the bar.....where else? 

Larger Image
Larger Image

Supplied by
Mark Surtees

The 19 Sqn Crowd
Here's the crowd from the 19 Sqn table:
Mark Surtees/Iain White/
Bob Gaff/Eamon Geraghty/
Colin Sighe/Brian Lever/Jim Kerr/
Ken Lighten/Rick Mines/
Paul McClumpha/Shaun Donnelly

Larger Image
Larger Image

Supplied by
Mark Surtees

Kipper Watt
Kipper Watt captured during the evening obviously telling one of his prodigious number of stories.......pull up a sandbag and swing a light!!

Larger Image
Larger Image

The Phantom School Contingent
Members of the old Phantom Training School and partners:
Tony & Wendy Jennings / Mick & Lesley Stanley / Steve & Pamela Hawkins / Den & Sharon Rayner / Brian & Angie Cardy.

Larger Image
Larger Image

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SOme of the 29 table
Here's some of the 29 Sqn table members:
L to R, Wendy & Bob Durie, Anne & John Godwin, Barry Jessel.

Larger Image
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