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The Phantom Preservation Group formed on the 27th May 1998 to celebrate 40 years since the first flight of the F4 Phantom.

On the 27th May 1958, McDonnell test pilot Robert C Little took F4H-1 Phantom 142259 for the types first test flight. The F4H soon demonstrated outstanding reliability and robustness, coupled with impeccable handling characteristics. The aircraft’s potential as a multi-role warplane was soon recognised and orders would total an astounding 5,182 before production was ended. Achieving no fewer than 25 world performance records, who would have thought, it would still be in front line service with a few air forces in 2009.

XV490 at Bruntingthorpe

XV490 as found at Bruntingthorpe

Xv490 at the Hack green Nuclear Bunker

XV490 at the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

The Phantom Preservation Group is a small number of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the memory of the F4 Phantom in RAF service. Centred on the group’s two cockpit sections, we aim to restore and preserve them for future generations to see. We also collect anything related to the RAF Phantom, flying equipment, logbooks and A.P’s, patches and zaps, anything related to the FG.1, FGR.2 and F4J (UK).

We are always on the lookout for Phantom parts, a few of items high on the wants list are – Rear cockpit periscope (TESS), Radio Call Take Off liteflo panels for front and rear instrument panels, McDonnell Build Plates from front cockpit. These seem to be items that disappeared on the dump at Wattisham.

Contact Mark Jones at Link to MJ

(There are some examples from the PPG of Patches & Zaps in the Gallery section)


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