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This section of the site is where you'll find information and data sent in by members that may have historic value to the Phantom FG.1, FGR.2 or RAF F-4J variants. If you feel you have anything that is of a manageable size (I'm afraid I can't run to complete downloads of AP's!) please send them in to the normal address.

XT595 - First British F4

RAF Phantom History Spreadsheet

Here is an MS Excel spreadsheet containing the tail letter, Tail Number and final resting place of all the RAF/RNs Phantoms. If you can add to it, please let me know. (Amendments to the original data are in red)

Supplied by Peter Partridge

XT595 - First British F4

McDonnell Douglas Report B617

After a lot of trying, I've finally got this down to a size I can put on the site!

This is the Summary Data report from MDD on the F-4M varient prior to full contract. It is a facsimile of the original document so the condition isn't the best, but there is still a lot of information to pick out of it.

Supplied by Kipper Watt

Sparrow Spec Trial  

Report of the AAM System Review

Kipper has been busy clearing out his attic and found another gem of Plumber porn all about the good old Sparrow missile we loved so much.....

Supplied by Kipper Watt

Flt Intl 1965

Defence Decisions - Feb 1965

A little article from Flight Intl. about the implications to Defence when the TSR2 was canx by the Labour Govt. of the time.

Supplied by Kipper Watt



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